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Stephen Ministry

A team of trained leaders are ready to walk with you through your hardship.

Stephen Ministry

Creating Pathways to Christ’s Healing Through One-on-One Caring Relationships

Have you experienced great loss or loneliness due to COVID19 and need someone to walk with you through this difficult time? Stephen Ministry is here for you.

Stephen Ministers Care For People Facing Tough Times  

We all experience difficulties in life, but there’s no need to carry your burden alone. Stephen Ministers from our congregation are specially trained to help those experiencing life’s difficulties such as:

• Grieving the death of a loved one

• Dealing with divorce or separation

• Hospitalized or recovering from hospitalization

• Coping with or caring for someone with a chronic or terminal illness

• Unemployed or in a job crisis

• Newly disabled or caring for an ill or disabled family member

• Moving or relocating

• Adjusting to a birth, adoption, miscarriage or infertility

• Transitioning into retirement

• Dealing with the crisis of aging

• Facing any other type of crisis or life transition

How Stephen Ministry Works

Our Stephen Ministry offers one-on-one Christian-based care and support to our congregation. Those in need are partnered with their own Stephen Minister and typically meet once a week for about an hour. The Stephen Minister listens with care, attentiveness, respect and a nonjudgmental attitude. These caring relationships last as long as the need persists —perhaps only a month or two in the case of someone who is dealing with a temporary setback, or possibly a year or more when someone is going through a more significant crisis or transition.

Stephen Ministry is a confidential ministry. The identity of those receiving care and what takes place in each caring relationship remains strictly confidential.

To learn more about our Stephen Ministry program and how it works, or to make a confidential request to receive help complete a Care Request Card linked below.

Meet Our Stephen Ministry Team

Leaders: Thomas Park, Alba Sanchez

Stephen Ministers:


Jamel Wright

Willie Lewis

Glenn Romano

Barry Price

Bob Carmen

Joe Agovino


Linda Romano

Guadalupe Martinez

Jackie Renwick

Emily Cassia

Gemma Villamil

Maria Reina

Rita Morgan