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"A place to know God, and be known, together."

If you're in MS or HS (6th-12th grade), RK Youth is for YOU.

With hearts set toward seeing Youth walk along side each other in discipleship, each week we intentionally craft a warm, life-changing atmosphere that calls Youth toward a Christ-centered life.

On Wednesday nights from 6:30p-8:30p, we have HOT Groups; a small-group setting in which humble, open, and transparent conversations are conducted.

On Sunday nights from 5:30p-8:30p, we have THE WELL; our youth group time filled with fellowship, snacks, games, worship, a message, and small-group time.

On Sunday mornings during the 10:00a + 11:45a services, after worship the Youth can meet Pastor Isaiah in the lobby immediately following announcements for a Bible study in the Youth Shack.

Youth Calendar

Our Current Series:

No two worlds seem further apart than the worlds of science and faith. In fact, sometimes the two seem so far apart that it feels like we have to pick a side. But are science and faith really as far from each other as we’ve been led to believe? In this series, we’ll discover that the more we learn about the way the world works, the more we’ll learn about the One behind it all.