Pastor Appreciation Month

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September 16, 2020

Dear Member/Attender of Risen King Church,

2020 has been a year of great challenge and great blessing for us as the family of Risen King church. Our pastoral staff have been faithful in supporting us every step of the way by leading us into a deeper walk with God and into deeper connection with each other in a season where connection seemed impossible. Our Pastoral team have been responsive and creative in ensuring that we had tangible evidence of God’s love and provision as well as of their support for each of us.

 As we enter the month of October, which has been set aside as Pastor appreciation month, we invite you into the opportunity to celebrate the blessings we have in our Pastoral Team and in some measure return the love and support they provide to us.

Won't you please join us especially during this set aside month in thanking our pastoral team individually and personally for their ministry, leadership, teaching and support that you received during this season. 

We are inviting you to send a letter of thanks, lift up a prayer, send a gift of appreciation and or some other tangible sentiment so that our pastors know how much they are loved and appreciated. 


We thank you so much for what we know will be an outpouring of love, appreciation and prayer support that will carry our pastors through the remainder of the year and beyond.

In his service,

Risen King Governing Board

Mike Plunket- Lead Pastor         

Rob Chin- Head Elder

Reni Matthews- Elder              

Gabe Tringale- Elder 

Joe Mauro- Elder                 

Dan Quintero- Elder

Bob Carmen- Elder                

Jan Hartog- Elder

Carlos Martinez- Elder             

Richard Ho- Elder 

Sylvia Wright- Board Secretary      

Natrisha Owens- Financial Secretary

Robert Schluter- Facilities Director   

Farrell Hopkins- Treasurer

Pastoral Team

Mike Plunket - Lead Pastor 

Lisa Plunket - Pastor of Spiritual Life

Gabe Tringale - Assistant Pastor, Worship & Media 

Ashley Tringale - Executive Pastor

Danny Cheong - Volunteer & Small Group Coordinator

Isaiah Velez- Youth & Young adult Director

Ami Martinez - Children’s Director 

Carol Park - Admin Ministry Assistant

Thomas Park - Pastoral Staff Assistant

Suggested gifts include: Gift cards (i.e. Amazon, American Express, Starbucks, Restaurants) & cash